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FREE Nixalite Product Catalog
Premium Nixalite Bird Barriers
E-Spike Bird Barriers
Nixalite Bird Spike Comparison Table
Nixalite Retail Kits
Pigeon Spike Stainless
Pigeon Spike Plastic Narrow
Pigeon Spike Composite
4 The Birds Gel Repellent Brochure
4 The Birds Liquid Repellent Brochure
AirCrow Brochure
Bird Control Brochure
Bare Hand Vineyard & Crop Bird Netting Brochure
Batcone Wildlife Excluders
Bird Droppings Information
Bird Droppings Mess Information
Bird-Net Bird Netting Brochure
Bird Scare Predator Eye Brochure
Bird-Zap Shock Track Brochure
Biogents Mosquitaire Brochure
Biogents CO2 Mosquitaire Brochure
Biogents BG GAT Brochure
Blackhawk Fogger Brochure
Blunt Tip Bird Control
BOUNDARY Deer and Perimeter Fencing
Cahaba Snake Traps Brochure
Copper Blocker Pest Stopper
Custom Form Spacing & Quantities Brochure
Deer Blocker Brochure
Deer Stopper Repellent Brochure
DeTour For Rodents Brochure
Double Trouble RTU Insecticide Spray
UV-6800 Industrial Strength Adhesive Brochure
EnduraNet Brochure 
EPA Guide to Mold & Moisture in Your Home
FlightLine Post & Wire Deterrent Brochure
Fog Force AR Bird Repellent
Fogging Fungicides Guide
Garden Safe Electric Fence Kit Brochure
Golden Eagle Pulse-Jet Thermal Fogger
HD Dryer Vent Guards Brochure Hurricane Brochure
Hypercart Brochure
Hyperspike Brochure
Hyperspike 14 Brochure
Hyperspike 16 Brochure
Hyperspike 18 Brochure
Hyperspike 18 RAHD Brochure
Hyperspike 24 Brochure
Hyperspike 40 Brochure
Hyperspike Accessories Brochure
Hyperspike MA-1 Brochure
IGEBA U-15 M-HD ULV Aerosol Generator Brochure
IGEBA U-40 HD-M ULV Aerosol Generator Brochure
IGEBA Unipro2 ULV Aerosol Generator
IGEBA Nebulo Series Brochure Kills Bedbugs Brochure
Kills Bedbugs II Brochure
Kills Bedbugs Plus Brochure
K-Net HT Brochure
Microcide SQ Brochure
Microsan Soap, Lotion and Sanitizer Brochure
Mist Netting Brochure
Mosquito Barrier Brochure
Mouse Control Combo Pack Brochure
Multi-Purpose Sprayer Brochure
Medium Single Door Animal Trap Brochure
Night Star Brochure
Nixalite Bird Netting Brochure
PiGNX Bio Repellent Brochure
PlotSaver Brochure
PolyNet Bird Netting Brochure
Poop Off Remover Brochure
Propane Fogger Brochure
Propane Fogger Combo
QD 64 Sanitizer Brochure
Rat Zapper Brochure
Repeller Ribbon Brochure
Rest Easy Bedbug Brochure
Nixalite Safety Equipment Brochure
Scare Away Bird Deterrent Brochure
ScatterBird Brochure
Snake Guard Brochure
Solar Trim Brochure
Solar Panel Exclusion Kit Brochure
Spray Proof Skunk Trap
Steri-Fab Brochure
Steri-Fab Kills Bedbugs Brochure
Stick-em City Snake & Rat Brochure
Hudson Commercial Super Sprayer Brochure
Small Repeating Pigeon Traps Brochure
Multi-Catch Live Squirrel Trap Brochure
Economy Pigeon Trap Brochure
Collapsible Pigeon Trap
Economy Pigeon Trap Brochure
Deluxe Pigeon Trap Brochure
Pigeon Trap for Pitched Roofs Brochure
Collapsible Pigeon Trap Brochure
Divided Pigeon Trap
Sweeney's Mole and Gopher Yard Spray Brochure
Repeating Sparrow Trap Brochure
Large Sparrow Trap Brochure
What Makes Bird Traps from Nixalite the Best:
  • All traps are made in the USA
  • Each trap is designed by an experienced trapping professional
  • All humane, live capture traps. No poisons or toxic baits
  • HD steel wire and/or steel rod construction
  • Repeating traps catching multiple birds each setting
  • All traps are easily portable, even the huge V-Top trap
  • Bird Traps can be used anywhere, inside and outside
  • Use traps where other methods may not be appropriat
TF-34 Thermal Fogger Brochure
TF-35 Thermal Fogger Brochure
EVO 35 Thermal Fogger Brochure
TF 65 Series Thermal Fogger Brochure
TF-95 HD Thermal Fogger Brochure
Tornado Brochure
Trailblazer Pulse-Jet Thermal Fogger
TweetZilla Brochure
Twister XL3 Brochure
U5M ULV Cold Fogger/Sprayer Brochure
Standard Front Release Animal Trap Brochure
Universal Burrowing Animal Trap Brochure
Squirrel Controller One-Way Door Brochure
Professional Rear Release Animal Trap Brochure
VectorFog ULV C100 Cold Fogging Brochure
VectorFog ULV C150 Cold Fogging Brochure
VectorFog ULV C20 Cold Fogging Brochure
VentGuard Brochure
Nixalite Bird Screen Wire Mesh Barriers Brochure
Wildlife Cannon Brochure
Walk-In Starling/Sparrow Trap Brochure 
WindowAlert Brochure

X-ODeodorizer Brochure

Installation Guides

Guide to Successful Nixalite Installations
Planning your Nixalite Installation
General Surface Cleaning Instructions
Installing Model S Nixalite

Installing Model H Nixalite
Installing Model W Nixalite
Installing E Spike
Installing Pigeon Spike Stainless
Installing Pigeon Spike Composite
Installing Pigeon Spike Plastic Narrow

Hardware Installation

Installing Nixalite Strips on EIFS

Installing Premium Nixalite for mud swallows
Climbing Animal Barrier
Climbing Animal Barrier on Circular Objects
Climbing Animal Barrier on Square/Rectangular Objects
Nixalite Premium Chimney Installation Example
Nixalite Glue Clip & Adhesive Installation Instructions
Nixalite NonremoveableAdhesive Installation
Nixalite Mounting Clip & Adhesive Installation
Nixalite Ridge Cap Installation
Nixalite Ibeam Clamp Installation
Using the Nixalite Cutting Tool & Installation Tool
Planning your Bird Netting Installation
Netting Installation
Netting Application Examples
Using Poly Clips for Bird Netting
Zipper Installation
Bird Netting for Dormers
Tensioned Cable Installation Example
Wire Ties and Adhesive
Cable & Cable Hardware Baselines for Standard Areas
Installing FliteLine Post & Wire
EZSet Deere Post Detail

Premium Deer Post Guide
Bird-Zap Shock Track Installation
DeTour Application Instructions
Shock Tape Installation
Garden Protector Install Poles and Wire
PiGNX Application Instructions
PiGNX Poison Bait Replacement Protocol


4 The Birds Gel SDS
4 The Birds Liquid SDS
Adhesive SDS
Cahaba Snake Board MSDS
DeerStopper Concentrate SDS
DeTour Road Block MSDS
Double Trouble MSDS
Fresh Cab MSDS
Kills Bedbugs 2 SDS
Kills Bedbugs SDS
Kills Plus SDS
Microcide SDS

Microsan E2 Soap MSDS
Microsan Sanitizer MSDS
Mole and Gopher Repellent MSDS
Mosquito Beater SDS
Mosquito Barrier MSDS
X-O Odor Neutralizer Concentrate MSDS
X-O Odor Neutralizer Ready to Use MSDS
Plotsaver MSDS
Poop Off Remover MSDS
QD-64 Fresh Scent SDS
QD-64 Lemon SDS
QD64 Pine Scent SDS
Rest Easy MSDS
SteriFab SDS
Stickem Glue SDS


Product Spec Sheets and Product Labels

Bird-Zap Shock Track Spec Sheet
DeTour Product Label
Double Trouble Product Label
Double Trouble Spec Sheet
Mosquito Beater Label
Odor Neutralizer Label
Pignx Pail Label
Pignx Tube Label
QD64 Fresh Scent Spec Sheet
QD64 Fresh Scent Label
QD6 Lemon Spec Sheet
QD64 Lemon Label
QD64 Pine Spec Sheet
QD64 Pine Label


Estimating Worksheets

Premium Nixalite Estimate Worksheet 
E-Spike & Pigeon Spike Stainless Estimate Worksheet
Angle Iron Worksheet
Additional Netting Installation Methods
Gutter Strap Worksheet
Ibeam Clamp Worksheet
Tensioned Cable Hardware Estimate Worksheet

Troubleshooting Guides

Nixalite Troubleshooting Guide
FliteLine Troubleshooting Guide

Warranty Information

Knet HT Warranty
Nixalite Warranty
Polynet Premium Warranty