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Premium Nixalite® Automated Estimate Worksheet

The Automated Estimate Worksheet will provide everything you need to accurately estimate the Premium Nixalite for each installation surface.

What this Automated Estimate Worksheet will do for you:

  1. It will recommend the correct Premium Nixalite Model or Models (based on surface dimensions).
  2. It will provide you with the quantity of Premium Nixalite Models needed to protect each surface.
  3. It will generate an installation diagram that shows the Premium Nixalite Model spacing on the surface.

The Automated Estimate Worksheet is for the Premium Nixalite Model S and H only.
If installing Model W Nixalite - download the Installing Model W Nixalite page
If installing a climbing animal barrier, go to the
Climbing Animal Barrier pages
If planning for a Pigeon Spike Composite installation, go to the Composite Spike
 page for details.

Before using the Automated Worksheet you must know..

  • The Surface Depth (front to back) in inches or centimeters.
  • The Surface Length (end to end) in feet or meters.
  • The surface exposure (if it is Single Exposed or Double Exposed). If you are not sure, see the examples below or contact Nixalite.
single exp A Single Exposed Surface
is open to one side and has at least
one bordering object such as a wall.
Examples include a building ledge,
window sill, a wall mounted sign, etc.
double exp A Double Exposed Surface
is open to both sides and has
no bordering objects. Examples
include parapets, pipes, free-
standing beams, etc.

Is your surface single or double exposed? Single Double

Surface width:

Length:      Feet Meters