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Troubleshooting A FliteLine® Installation

FliteLine Troubleshooting Guide.
The effectiveness of a FliteLine deterrent system depends on how proficiently it has been installed. If the FliteLine system does not provide the desired results, the problem could be an installation error or installing the FliteLine for the wrong application.
FliteLinecover Double Check Checklist (DO THIS FIRST).
You will need the FliteLine Post & Wire Bird Deterrent brochure to complete this checklist. The checklist below refers to several items you will find only in the FliteLine brochure. 
  1. Did you use the FliteLine for the proper application?
     FliteLine should be used only as a deterrent for large birds (pigeons, crows, seagulls) on surfaces where the problem birds are few in number. If small birds are present and/or there are a lot of birds, use a different system such as the Nixalite Premium Spikes or the Bird Netting.
  2. Check your surface dimensions.
    Make sure they are accurate. NEVER estimate surface dimensions from a distance. On-site, in-field measurements are the only way to ensure accuracy.
  3. Have you installed enough FliteLine?
    Review the FliteTable information printed in the FliteLine brochure to be sure. Do not install just one row where multiple rows are required. Do not stretch the row spacing – this is false economy. What you try to save now could cost you many, many times that much later.
  4. Row and post spacing.
    Are the FliteLine rows and posts spaced correctly on the surface? Review the spacing guidelines for these items.
  5. Did you cover all the areas?
    Have you protected all of the problem areas? All birds will create problems if they are allowed to land above, next to or behind the installed FliteLine.
  6. Did you clean the surface first?
    Did you clean the surface before installing the FliteLine? Birds are drawn to old roosts by the scent of past inhabitation. Thorough cleaning can eliminate this.
  7. Installation Steps.
    Did you stagger the FliteLine row heights? Did you install both upper and lower wires at all outside edges? Did you stagger the spring connections? Review all of the Installing FliteLine steps one at a time.
If you have completed this checklist and have not found any obvious problems, contact Nixalite. Our reputation for reliable bird control is very important to us and we value the opportunity to help you resolve any problem you might be experiencing. Please have photos and accurate dimensions available of the problem area. This enables us to assess possible problems. In most cases, problems can be diagnosed quickly and corrective measures recommended.