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Effective Pest Bird & Wildlife Control Products

The Nixalite Advantage


Bird Control Professionals Since 1950

Nixalite is the leading manufacturer of effective and humane bird control products. Our quality products are designed to solve the toughest pest bird problems. Established in 1950, Nixalite is a third generation family owned firm with over 150 years of combined experience in bird control. We are the most respected and trusted company in the bird control industry.


Nixalite Bird Spikes “The Original Porcupine Wire”

Often imitated, never duplicated. Compare Premium Nixalite bird control strips to superficially similar, but lesser quality bird spikes. You will quickly see Premium Nixalite's superiority. There is no equal! Premium Nixalite bird control strips may cost a bit more initially but in the long run they will easily pay for themselves many times over.


Nixalite Bird Exclusion Netting & Netting Hardware

Nixalite offers bird netting and netting hardware to efficiently exclude pest birds from all types of objects, openings and structures. We offer K-Net HT Bird Netting, B-Net bird netting, PollyNet, Mist Net and more. Bird netting works for all birds including pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls, vultures, crows, birds of prey and more.


Bird Spikes & Pigeon Spikes

Nixalite bird control developed and patented the very first bird spike in 1950. Today we have 11 different bird spike models available. From Premium all stainless steel bird spikes to low cost plastic bird spikes, Nixalite has a bird spike for any application or budget. To see how they match up, use the link above to compare.


Bird Barriers, Repellents & Controls That Work!

Nixalite offers only the best bird barriers, repellents and controls. Our most popular bird deterrents for structural bird control are Nixalite Bird Spike Needle Strips, FliteLine Bird Wire and K-Net Bird Netting. Nixalite pioneered the bird control field. Our commitment has always been to provide our customers with effective solutions and honest answers.


Nuisance Animal Barriers, Repellents & Traps

At Nixalite you will also find a comprehensive line of reliable and environmentally friendly nuisance animal barriers, repellents and controls. All of our animal control products are nontoxic, humane and safe to apply. These include deer fencing, animal access barriers and repellents for deer, moles, squirrels, bats, snakes and many more nuisance animals.


Nixalite Pest Control Products

Nixalite offers a variety of reliable, safe and biodegradable pest repellents, traps and controls. Look for hard to find products for controlling rodents, cobwebs and flying insects. These include mosquito & gnat repellents, bed bug control, rodent repellents and traps, insect barriers and sprays that safely and quickly kill a wide variety of pests.