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Premium Nixalite® For Climbing Animal Barriers

Installed in multiple rows, the Premium Nixalite spikes can prevent even the most determined climbing animals from getting past a Premium Spike barrier including squirrels, raccoons and other critters. 

- Climbing barriers use Premium Nixalite Model S and Model W only.
- Do not use Blunt Tip Premium Nixalite models for climbing animal barriers.
- Climbing Barriers follow unique installation procedures. Use the square or round object guidelines provided.
squirrel Applications:
Use Premium Nixalite models to prevent squirrels, raccoons, possum, cats, snakes and other notable wildlife climbers from climbing up, down or over posts, poles, trees, down spouts, beams, light fixtures, statues, pipes, walls, chimneys, fences, cables, columns, rafters, joists, power poles, birdhouses, trusses, etc.
birdfeeder Premium Nixalite spikes are the ideal climbing barrier
Nixalite’s precisely arranged stainless steel wires present an impassible physical barrier to both pest birds and climbing animals. When installed properly, there are no gaps for climbing animals to exploit. The flexible base strip makes it easy to install Nixalite on round or oddly shaped surfaces. Use the original pointed wire designs for climbing barriers.

Basic Guide to Premium Nixalite Climbing Barriers
climbingbarriertree Vertical Surfaces Only - climbing barriers are ALWAYS installed on vertical or nearly vertical surfaces. Horizontal (down flat) surface protection uses the surface barrier methods detailed in the Premium Nixalite Bird Control section.
Multiple Rows - A climbing barrier consists of 6 Rows of Premium Nixalite; 2 rows of Model W (at the top and bottom) and 4 rows of Model S (in the middle). Climbing animals could jump past barriers with less material.
Get it off the Ground. A vertical climbing barrier starts at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) off the ground. This prevents an animal from jumping past the barrier from the ground.The higher you can start the barrier, the better your chance of complete success.
Proper Barrier Placement. Before installing a barrier, make sure you have accounted for ALL the paths animals use to go up and down the object. Persistent climbing animals could go around an installation that is not properly positioned.

squareobject Climbing Barriers on SQUARE Objects 
These guidelines provide the basic steps for installing a climbing animal barrier on a vertical, square or rectangular post.
roundobject Climbing Barriers on ROUND Objects 
These guidelines provide the basic steps for installing a climbing animal barrier on a vertical round pole or post.
specialapps Special Applications 
Nixalite’s stainless steel barrier strips have been used in a wide variety of applications to keep nuisance animals out.