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Snail/Slug Control Products

snail & slug imageNixalite's Snail/Slug Control Product CopperBlocker is great for around gardens and planters to create an all weather easy to use barrier.

 Snails and slugs are the only gastropods that can also be found on land. The majority of snails and slugs, though, live in water. The most obvious difference between snails and slugs is the fact that snails have shells. A snail's shell is like a home it carries around on its back.

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Copper Blocker Pest Stopper
Copper Blocker Pest Stopper
Keep small birds, bats, rodents and insects from getting through the cracks with Copper Blocker pest stopper. Copper mesh 100 foot roll x 5 inches wide.
Insect Netting
Insect Netting
Insect netting provides crop and plant protection against a variety of insects. It can be used as floating row crop covers, hoop netting and fruit tree covers.  Made from high-density UV protected polyethylene.
  • Size:17 Ft. x 100 Ft.
  • Color: White

FACT:  Snails and slugs do not have ears and a nose like we do but they can still smell and they can detect some sounds through vibration. They use either their eye tentacles or two smaller tentacles below the eye tentacles for these senses.