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Fogging Equipment

Fogging Equipment from Nixalite of America Inc
Nixalite offers an extensive line of quality Pulse jet thermal foggers; ULV aerosol foggers and compression sprayers from the world’s top manufacturers.  Common uses for our foggers include mosquito control, vector control, sanitation, mold, bird control, special effects and humidification.

IGEBA Foggers

Nixalite is the only authorized US distributor and service center for IGEBA Thermal and ULV Fogging Equipment. Quality IGEBA foggers are manufactured in Germany and Nixalite offers the complete IGEBA line. We stock a large inventory of the most popular IGEBA foggers and parts. Nixalite can special order any IGEBA equipment currently offered to the US market. 

B&G Curtis Dyna Fog

Nixalite is an authorized reseller of the popular Curtis Dyna Fog handheld and specialty foggers. Service and parts are handled direct through the manufacturer.

Vector Fog

Nixalite is an authorized reseller of VectorFog handheld ULV & Thermal fogging equipment. Service and parts are handled direct through the manufacturer.

Not sure what fogger to use? We offer complete planning and product support services. If at any time you have questions, please Contact Nixalite.

Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers
Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers
Nixalite Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers are ideal for mosquito and flying insect control, crawling insect control, bird repellent fogging, smoke/odor abatement, heavy commercial fogging, military and police force training, special effects and more.

ULV Cold Foggers
ULV Cold Foggers
Nixalite ULV Cold Foggers are very efficient when applying repellents, disinfectants, mold and mildew control. 
Bird Haze Generators
Bird Haze Generators
Nixalite's Bird Dispersal Hazing Systems are designed to disperse a thin haze of MA (Methyl Anthranilate) bird repellent to disperse flying birds. Bird hazing can provide effective bird dispersal in locations where other methods of bird control would be impractical.
Propane Foggers
Propane Foggers
Nixalite Propane Foggers are ideal for spot control of flying insects including mosquitoes, black flies, gnats and more. Use in the garden, around the yard, in landscaping, garages, small storage sheds and more.
Tank Sprayers
Tank Sprayers
Nixalite Tank sprayers are commercial grade to occasional use sprayers for home and garden that spray nearly any liquid on all types of surfaces.

Should you be Fogging, Spraying or Hazing?

  • Foggers create a fine, thick fog from a oil or water based liquid. They treat large areas with very little product.
  • Sprayers create a wet liquid spray. Use when wetted surfaces are required.
  • Hazers are used ONLY with the EcoBird bird repellent to disperse birds.
Product by space
Product by solution
  • If the solution is oil based (uses an oil or petroleum based carrier) the first choice is the Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers and the Propane Fogger. While ULV cold foggers can apply oil based solutions, they are not as efficient as the thermal foggers.
  • If the solution is water based (mixed with water), the first choice is the ULV cold foggers or Compression tank sprayers.
  • Note - refer to the solution instructions. The application instructions for your solution should tell you the preferred method of application.
Let Nixalite help you decide on the product you need. We offer complete planning and product support services. If at any time you have questions, please Contact Nixalite.