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Installing Premium Nixalite® Bird Control

The following provides basic procedures and guidelines for installing all Premium Nixalite models on a variety of architectural surfaces. In most cases, the page and information is presented in the same order as needed for a typical Premium Nixalite installation.

IMPORTANT: Click the link if you will be installing the Nixalite as a Climbing Animal Barrier. Climbing Animal Barrier installations follow a different set of instructions and guidelines.
nixspacing Premium Nixalite Spacing
Premium Nixalite is a physical barrier - it protects only the space it occupies.
Proper spacing between the Premium Nixalite rows is critical.
LedgeExmpl Estimate Worksheet
With just a few clicks this worksheet will recommend the Premium Nixalite model,
provide a total per surface and produce a drawing for that surface.
surfacecleanthumb Surface Cleaning
Successful bird control starts with a thorough cleaning of the installation surfaces.
All installation surfaces must be clean, dry and free of debris before installing.
nixlayout Surface Layout 
Once the Spacing and Estimate Worksheet information has been gathered (above),
Mark the strip and hardware locations on the surface.
masonry Standard Hardware Installation
Step-by-step instructions for installing Nixalite's standard mounting hardware.
Exclusive to Nixalite, standard hardware allows for strip removal and reinstallation.
adhfast Adhesive Fastening
Nixalite recommends using the standard mounting to fasten all types of bird spikes.
If standard hardware cannot be used, then adhesive fastening can be done.
nixinstallstrip Installing Premium Nixalite Strips
To get the best from the best, you need to install it correctly. The last step of a
Premium Nixalite installation is to cut, fit and install the Premium Nixalite strips.
troublesht Troubleshooting
The effectiveness of a Premium Nixalite installation depends on how proficiently
it is installed. Use this information to find any problems.

If you have an unusual application or a surface that is not covered in this information, we offer complete planning and product support services. If at any time you have questions, please Contact Nixalite.