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Installing Premium Nixalite® Strips 

Premium Nixalite is the best pest bird and climbing animal control in the world. To get the best from the best it must be installed properly.

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The last step of a Premium Nixalite installation is to cut, fit and install the strips on the surface. Use the following installation guidelines to help make your installation a success.

A few simple rules and installation tips to remember:
cuttingstrip Cutting the strip:
If you have to cut the Premium Nixalite, make sure not to cut it too short. Cut the base strip between the wires, to the desired length. When installing strips end-to-end, make sure the wire pattern is continued from one strip to the next. Do not create gaps where two pieces of Premium Nixalite meet end-to-end. Nixalite offers a 
Strip Cutting Tool.
stripandwireover Strip & Wire Overhangs:
The Premium Nixalite base strip must overhang the end of a surface at least ½” (1.2 cm).
The Premium Nixalite wires must overhang the outside edge by at least 1/4” (0.6cm).
nogaps No Gaps In Coverage:
Do not allow gaps where a Premium Nixalite strip meets a wall, another strip end or bordering object.
straightrows Straight Rows:
When installing the Premium Nixalite end-to-end, make sure the rows are straight. For most flat installations, each strip should be inline with the next strip. Strips that are allowed to wander from side to side can create large gaps between rows.
outsidecorner At Outside Corners:
Where 2 or more rows of Premium Nixalite meet at an outside corner, one strip should run off the edge by at least ½” (1.2 cm). The intersecting base strip can not be more than 2” (5.0 cm) away from the first strip. No gaps allowed.
insidecorner At Inside Corners:
Where 2 or more rows of Premium Nixalite meet at an inside corner, one strip should run flush to the wall or vertical surface. The intersecting base strip can not be more than 2” (5.0 cm) away from the first strip (see the example shown). No gaps allowed.
outsidecurve Outside Curves:
Install Premium Nixalite Model S front-to-back, far enough down the curve to prevent birds from landing. Space strips to eliminate gaps and excessive wire crossing.
insidecurve Inside Curves:
Install strips front-to-back. Use Premium Nixalite Model S up the side of a curve. Use Premium Nixalite Model W as a Row Cap. Space strips to eliminate gaps and excessive wire crossing.
narrowangle Narrow Angles:
For angles less than 90 degrees, it may be necessary to use ‘blocking’ to fill gaps where the strips will not fit. Paint blocking to match surface.
wideangle Wide Angles:
Install strips front-to-back. As angles widen past 90 degrees, additional rows are needed. Premium Nixalite Model W may be needed as a Row Cap.

Using the Nixalite Installation Tool:
Nixalite's Installation Tool is designed to quickly push or pull the Premium Nixalite or the E-Spike models in or out of the standard mounting hardware. It speeds the installation process and protects the spikes from damage resulting from improper tool use. Nixalite offers different installation accessories for a sucessful install.
For more information on using the Installation Tool and the Cutting Tool

NT install To install Premium Nixalite or E-Spike with the Installation Tool:
Place the square notch in the bottom of the Installation Tool over the base strip of the Premium Nixalite or E-Spike, and pull the base strip into the mounting clips.
NT remove To remove Nixalite strips with the Installation Tool:
Position the V-notch in the end of the Installation Tool on the Premium Nixalite or E-Spike base strip. With steady pressure, push the base strip out of the mounting clips.

Congratulations – you are finished! If you have followed the installation guidelines this completes a successful bird control installation that can last a lifetime.
Nixalite offers a variety of bird, animal and pest control products for all infestation levels. 
Let Nixalite help you decide on the product you need. We offer complete planning and product support services. If at any time you have questions, please Contact Nixalite.