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Premium Nixalite® Installation - Surface Layout

Marking the installation surface for rows of Premium Nixalite and Mounting Hardware.  

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   Checkpoint! Before continuing, ycheckpointou must already know...
  1. The Premium Nixalite model or models that best suit your application. If you are not sure check our Premium Nixalite Models or Planning Your Installation.
  2. Which mounting system you will be using. If you are not sure review Mounting Hardware.
  3. How much Premium Nixalite you will need. If you are not sure use the Automated Estimate Worksheet to find the proper quantities.
  4. Where the Premium Nixalite strips will go on the surface. If you are not sure use Nixalite Spacing to find proper strip spacing.
If you have any questions regarding surface layout for the Nixalite strips, Contact Nixalite.

layoutimg Lay Out the Installation Surface
  1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and ready for the installation. Please follow Surface Cleaning instructions before continuing.

    Tip: If you used the 
    Automated Estimate Worksheet to generate installation drawings. The drawings will provide strip and hardware positions on each surface.

    Tip: If the installation surface is long and straight, or if there are several identical surfaces, you can save time by making an 
    Installation Template. 
  2. With a straight edge mark the installation surface where the center of each Premium Nixalite row will be positioned.
  3. Nixalite’s supplied mounting hardware is positioned 7/8” (2.2 cm) from the Nixalite base strip line. For most surfaces*, the mounting hardware is installed behind the Nixalite strip position (away from the closest outside edge). Measure the 7/8” (2.2 cm) in from the base strip and mark a line for the mounting hardware. The mounting hardware will be installed along this new line.

    * If you are installing Premium Nixalite Model H 
    on the surface by itself use the Installing Model H Nixalite guidelines. 
  4. Use the Mounting Hardware Spacing Chart below to find the proper mounting hardware spacing. Mark each hardware location along the hardware line.
Mounting Hardware Spacing Chart
The distance between mounting hardware locations depends on the length of Nixalite strip.

Spike Strip Mounting Hardware Spacing
48"(122 cm) 6 units - one at each end, four spaced evenly between
24"(61 cm) 3 units - one at each end, one in middle
16"(40.6 cm) 2 units - one at each end
12"(30.5 cm) 2 units - one at each end

Never use less than 2 units of hardware per strip - no matter how short the strip might be.

Continue with the installation
When the strip and hardware positions are marked, you’re ready to install the mounting hardware.