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Nixalite® Troubleshooting Guide 

The effectiveness of a Nixalite Barrier Spike installation depends on how proficiently it is installed. If a Nixalite strip installation does not provide the desired results, the problem can usually be traced down to one or more installation errors. Please use the following Double Check Checklist to help you find the problem and take corrective steps.

The Double Check Checklist
Double check each point listed below. Use the reference information to check your installation.
  1. Check your surface dimensions. Make sure they are accurate. NEVER estimate surface dimensions from a distance. Review the steps outlined in Planning Your Installation.
  2. Verify the quantity of Nixalite installed. Use the Automated Estimate Worksheet to be sure. 
  3. Spacing the Nixalite properly void of gaps is important. Review the spacing guidelines provided on the Nixalite Spacing page.
  4. Birds will create problems if they are allowed to land above, next to or behind the installed Nixalite strips. Review the information provided on the Planning Your Installation document.
  5. Clean the surface thoroughly before installing the Nixalite strips on the surface. Birds are drawn to roosts by the scent of past inhabitation. Thorough cleaning can eliminate this. Review the information provided on the Surface Cleaning page.
  6. Each Nixalite model has its own specific application. Make sure you have installed the proper Nixalite model for the job. Review the information provided on comparison chart.
  7. Models H and W Nixalite have very specific uses and must be installed accordingly. Review the information provided on the PDF guides Installing Model H Nixalite and/or Installing Model W Nixalite.
  8. Using the supplied hardware and spacing it properly is important. Review the information provided in Supplied Hardware Installation.
If you have gone through each step of the Double Check Checklist and still have not found the problem, we highly recommend reviewing the Nixalite Troubleshooting Guide. This document provides much more in-depth information and offers more specific solutions. This is an illustrated guide that shows you exactly what to look for and how to correct the problem.

If you have reviewed all of the troubleshooting information and still have not resolved the problem, we recommend that you Contact Nixalite directly. Our reputation for reliable bird and climbing animal control is very important to us and we value the opportunity to help you resolve any problem you might be experiencing.