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Nixalite Climbing Animal Barriers - Special Applications

Nuisance animals are creating problems by squeezing through gaps, climbing over fences, and getting into places where they are not wanted. Nixalite’s stainless steel barrier strips have been used in a wide variety of applications to keep nuisance animals out and off of protected surfaces.

The following examples show how the Nixalite has been used to control nuisance animals in a variety of special applications. Special control problems often require special methods of installation. The Nixalite strips may be installed in a way that does not always follow Nixalite’s general installation guidelines. This is done ONLY when it provides the best chance of success and has been recommended by an experienced Nixalite representative. They are shown here to illustrate Nixalite’s versatility in nuisance animal control.
Important: While both pointed and Blunt Tip are proven effective and humane, only the original pointed wire designs should be used for climbing animal barriers.

The best in bird control is often used to keep animals (predators) from raiding both bird feeders and bird houses. Premium Nixalite models are often installed directly on feeders to discourage squirrels and other opportunistic climbers from getting to the seed and suet intended for birds. Nixalite strips protect bird houses and bird nesting boxes from marauding predators such as raccoons, rats, feral cats and snakes (yes, snakes). One of our longest running projects is the protection of bluebird nesting boxes from snakes.
chimneytop If you own a home with a chimney that doesn’t get used much, there’s a good chance that you have had a squirrel or raccoon get into the chimney, and sometimes into the house. Premium Nixalite barriers can stop these unwanted guests from getting into the chimney. Another option would be to use our Welded Wire Mesh barrier to screen off areas over, under and around your chimney to keep animals and birds out.

Fences may discourage people, but they are no obstacle to climbing animals. Many types of animals use the top of fences as safe and secure highway, staying safely away from the threats lurking at ground level. Often a simple Premium Nixalite strip installation along the top of a fence is enough to stop this problem.

Climbing animals are naturally drawn to small openings, gaps and other areas that offer protection from the elements and predators. Nixalite’s premium barrier strips can be installed to keep nuisance animals from getting into or through these areas. Other options would be to use our Welded Wire Mesh barriers to screen off these areas or use the CopperBlocker for bird and animal access control.
There are as many Nixalite control product solutions as there are nuisance animal problems. If you have a problem with nuisance animals, Contact Nixalite
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