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The FlitePlan - Planning Your FliteLine® Installation

Nixalite provides you with the best post and wire system available. We want you to get the best from the best, please review all of the available information and plan your installation with care. Follow the guidelines provided for planning and estimating to make sure you have the best installation for your deterrent system.
FliteLinecover The FlitePlan - The Complete FliteLine Brochure
This FliteLine Brochure has step-by-step planning guidelines you will need for your FliteLine installation. This brochure also contains estimating tools and step-by-step installation instructions.

Basic Planning Outline.
This outline contains the basic procedures for planning your FliteLine installation.
FLeyesmall Is FliteLine right for your application? Use FliteLine as a deterrent for large birds (pigeons, crows, seagulls) on surfaces where the problem birds are few in number. If small birds are present and/or there are a lot of birds, then install the Premium Nixalite Bird Spikes.
FLmeasuresmall Measure the surface. Accurately measure the surface depth (front-to-back) and the surface length (end-to-end). Be accurate: all FliteLine row planning steps are based on your recorded dimensions. If you have an unusual surface material or shape, Contact Nixalite.
FLrowsmall Number of FliteLine rows. Use the FliteTable information to determine how many rows of FliteLine each surface requires. Use the table below or download the FliteLine brochure.
FLspacesmall Find row and post spacing. Use the spacing guides below to find the best row-to-row and post-to-post spacing. Use the details below or download the FliteLine brochure.
FLhardwaresmall Select the best hardware. Select the FliteLine posts and hardware that best suits your application. For detailed information on these items, go to FliteLine Post & Wire.

Estimating Guide: simple formulas to find basic FliteLine material totals.
  • Posts = Row Length ÷ 5. Round up to a whole number. Multiply by the number of rows required.
  • Springs = Row Length ÷ 10. Round up to a whole number. Multiply by the number of rows required.
  • Ferrules = Row Length ÷ 5. Round up to a whole number. Multiply by the number of rows required.
  • Cable = Row Length X Rows Required.
  • Note: for all outside rows (any row along an outside edge). Double spring, ferrule and cable totals to allow for both upper and lower wire installation.
Let Nixalite of America, Inc. help you plan your FliteLine installation!
If you provide detailed information about your installation, Nixalite will can design a simple FliteLine layout and material quotation. It is critical that your information is accurate and complete.

To install your FliteLine, go to Installing FliteLine.
For a detailed brochure, download FliteLine Post & Wire Bird Deterrent.
To view the CSI specifications for the FliteLine, go to the Architect's Info Center.