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Our Customer's Photos

Nixalite loves to see and hear about our customer's experiences when installing our bird and animal control products. The images below show just a few of our customer supplied photos.
Send us your photos and stories! If selected, Nixalite will send you a free gift.

Christman Nuisance Wildlife
First Lutheran Church
Moline, IL

Christman Nuisance Wildlife
John Deere Pavilion
Moline, IL

Jelco Pest Control
Catherine's Place Shelter
Kansas City, KS

Shores Construction
Shopping Center
Leesburg, VA

A-Pest Control
Merrillville, IN
East Chicago City Hall

Mike Wilmer House
1880 Victorian
Peabody, MA

Submit Your Photos
We want to share your installation experiences through photos and documents. Please review the information below to see how you can send electronic files to Nixalite.
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Nixalite of America Inc. 
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Photo file types: JPG (preferred format), TIF, BMP, PSD (Photoshop), CPT (Corel Photo Paint file), and PPF (MS Publisher).
Document file types: DOC (MS Word document - preferred format), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), RTF, TXT and HTML.
Original materials: You can mail Nixalite the actual printed photographs and documents for scanning. Nixalite keeps all submitted materials.

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