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Exhaust, Roof and Chimney Guards


Vent & Chimney Guards from Nixalite

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Keep pest birds and animals from getting into your home. Protect chimney flues, roof vents, dryer vents and other structural openings with these vent guards and chimney caps. Available in different sizes, shapes and materials. Made in the USA.

Why Use Nixalite Vent, Roof & Chimney Guards;

  • All guards, covers and caps are made in the USA
  • Keeps birds and animals out of exhaust & roof vents as well as chimneys
  • Humane and easy-to-install exclusion for birds and animals
  • Keeps out birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossum and other animal opportunists
  • Guards are available in painted galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Custom materials and construction are available
  • Animals can't chew through expanded steel mesh
  • Far more durable and effective than plastic or thin metal guards
  • Use where other methods of control may not be appropriate

Before you install the guard, cover or cap...
MEASURE the vent, flue or exhaust port to make sure the guard will fit.
Make sure that birds or animals are not inside the vent or flue when the guard is installed (this traps them in).

Order Dryer Vent Guards Here..

Dryer Vent Guard

Stops persistent birds, squirrels and other pests from living in exhaust vents. Fits over most 3 and 4 inch dryer/bathroom vents. Made in the USA from white, powder coated stainless steel wire mesh. Use screws to install (not supplied).
Item# Description Price Quantity
RVGDVGSS White over SS vent guard 7x7x5 WEB ONLY SALE $27.99 

Order Roof Vent Guards Here..

Roof Vent Guards

Protect your property from pest birds and animals with Roof Vent Guards. Made in the USA from 18 ga. expanded metal mesh in stainless steel or black painted galvanized steel. Other sizes available. Use screws/nails to install (not supplied).
Item# Description Price Quantity
RVG1111BG Black galvanized vent guard 11x11x13 $36.00 
RVG1111SS Stainless steel vent guard 11x11x13 $56.00 
RVG1616BG Black galvanized vent guard 16x16x6 $32.00 
RVG1616SS Stainless steel vent guard 16x16x6 $68.00 
RVG2525BG Black galvanized vent guard 25x25x12 $39.00 
RVG2525SS Stainless steel vent guard 25x25x12 $102.00 
RVG3030SS Stainless steel vent guard 30x30x12 $152.00 
RVG3030BG Black galvanized vent guard 30x30x12 $54.00 

Order Single Flue Chimney Guards Here..

Single Flue Chimney Guards

Stop animals from getting into your home! Single flue guards are made in the USA from 18 ga. expanded metal mesh in stainless or black painted galvanized steel. Tamper proof bolt-on design that pests cannot remove.
Item# Description Price Quantity
RC99BG Black galvanized chimney guard 9x9x6 $48.59 
RS99SS Stainless steel chimney guard 9x9x6 $77.53 
RS913SS Stainless steel chimney guard 9x13x6 $89.91 
RC913BG Black galvanized chimney guard 9x13x6 $53.70 
RC1313BG Black galvanized chimney guard 13x13x6 $58.31 
RS1313SS Stainless steel chimney guard 13x13x6 $97.60 

Installation Instructions

Dryer Vent Guards:
Make sure you measure the exhaust vent before ordering.
Fasten over the top of a vent using at least 4 screws (not included).
Choose the screw size and length that best suits your installation surface.

Roof Vent Guards:
Make sure you measure the roof/exhaust vent before ordering.
Use nail/screw (not included) in each corner and every 6" along each side of the guard.
Choose the hardware that best suits your installation surface.

Single Flue Chimney Guards:
Follow the instructions provided with the guards

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