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Moby Bird Repellent Hazer


Moby Hazer

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Produces a dry haze of effective and humane bird repellent to protect your property from pest birds and pest bird mess.

What is the Moby Bird Dispersal System?
The Moby haze generator is specifically designed for areas plagued by small birds. Preset at the factory, the Moby dispenses a thicker haze to get small birds out of the area more quickly. While thicker, the haze is still a light and dry repellent.

How does it work?
The Moby is a self contained unit with a 2 gallon repellent reservoir that can sustain the unit for up to 3 months of unattended operation. All timers and functions are preset at the factory to meet the needs of each application. Moby foggers create a light fog or haze of an MA repellent. When birds fly through the haze they inhale the MA which irritates a bird’s mucous membranes. While completely harmless, the birds learn to associate the repellent with the location and avoid the area.

Efficient & Economical
The Moby is self-contained and does not need additional external plumbing, compressors or control units required by other avian hazing systems. Depending on machine settings, a Moby can operate unattended for up to 3 months.

Why Use A Moby?

  • Automated and self-contained
  • Designed to move small birds out of specific areas
  • More affordable and more efficient
  • Compact and lightweight for maximum versatility and portability
  • No external plumbing controllers or compressors needed
  • Timer, heater and battery backup are standard equipment
  • Draws less than 4 amps with the heater running

Moby Applications:

  • Big box stores, garden centers
  • Open air plant nurseries
  • Aircraft hangars, loading docks
  • Under canopies, in courtyards
  • Open air malls and restaurants
  • Transportation depots
  • Warehouses, distribution centers
  • Nearly anywhere birds fly through, over and around open spaces

Order Moby Now

Moby Compact Bird Dispersal System

Compact, self contained unit with a 2 gallon repellent reservior for up to 3 months of unattended operation.
Item# Description Price Quantity
FF Moby Moby Bird Haze Generator 110vac $3,195.00 

Fog Force Bird Fogging Repellent

Designed specifically for fogging applications, Fog Force is a contact repellent made from food grade ingredients. EPA Registered
Item# Description Price Quantity
TP-40 P Fog Force Bird Repellent Liquid - Pint $37.00 
TP-40 G Fog Force Bird Repellent gallon  $189.95 
TP-40 G Cs. CASE 4 - 1 gallon containers Fog Force $719.80 
TP-40 55G Fog Force Bird Repellent - 55 gallon drum $9,350.00 
NF7271 Fog Force Scent Additive Citrus 1 gal $54.98 

Moby Specs:

  • Self-contained and automated 110vac ULV fogger
  • Designed to move small and large birds out of specific areas
  • Timer, heater, battery backup are included - no external pipes, controllers or compressors needed
  • All functions preset at factory for each application
  • 2 gallon reservoir for up to 3 months of unattended operation
  • Thermostat controlled solution heaters turn on at 40o F. or less
  • Battery backup retains programming in the event of power loss
  • Each unit has a powder coated case and heavy duty construction throughout

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