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Pigeon Spike Composite


Pigeon Spike Composite - Low Cost Bird Spike from Nixalite

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Pigeon Spike Composite is a low cost deterrent for pigeons and seagulls. This spike is an affordable combination of stainless steel wires and a flexible, UV stabilized plastic base. It can be installed quickly on all types of surfaces. Designed to deter pigeons and seagulls only, not recommended for other birds or for controlling heavy infestations of any bird.

Pigeon Spike Composite Details

  • Durable 304 stainless steel wires and flexible plastic base

  • Each 12" long strip has 20 flat-tipped points
  • The plastic is Durolon UV-stabilized polycarbonate
  • Measures 6" wide, 5" high and can cover up to 7" of surface
  • Thin wires make this a discreet surface deterrent for pigeons and seagulls
  • Install with available mounting hardware or adhesive
  • For Pigeons and Seagulls only

Use on all types of surfaces to hinder light roosting of pigeons and seagulls. For pigeons and seagulls only, not recommended for other birds or for controlling heavy infestations of any bird. To control all birds on all types of surfaces, use Nixalite's Premium Bird Barrier Strips.

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Pigeon Spike Composite - Hardware Not Included

Low cost deterrent for pigeons and seagulls. Affordable combination of stainless steel wires and a flexible UV stabilized plastic base. PURCHASE MOUNTING HARDWARE OR ADHESIVE SEPARATELY! 1 cartridge of adhesive will cover up to 20' or Use 2 screws for every 1' strip.
Item# Description Price Quantity
PSCOM 10 Pigeon Spike Composite 10 ft kit (10 - 1 ft long strips) $35.00 
PSCOM 25 Pigeon Spike Composite 25 ft kit (25 - 1 ft long strips) $87.50 
PSCOM 100 Pigeon Spike Composite 100 ft kit (100 - 1 ft long strips) $325.00 
600C Cartridge Adhesive (NO AIR DELIVERY) $9.98 
MHS 50 50 Stainless steel screws $6.00 

Basic Installation Instructions: For detailed instructions download the Pigeon Spike Brochure.

Prepare the surface: Clean the surface thoroughly. It must be clean, dry and free of any bird waste. Repair any damage there might be to the installation surface.
Layout the spike positions: Using the Pigeon Spike Estimating and Spacing Guidelines, mark where the center of each spike row will be placed.
Fit it first, then fasten it: Make sure each piece fits the surface before installing. Find the Quick-Part seam that is just longer than the desired length. Gently bend the base up and down at the Quick-Part seam until it parts.
Overhang the first spike at least ½” at the end of a surface. Adjust length if needed to ensure this overhang.
For best results cut off the excess plastic base flush to the 1st spike overhanging the edge.
When butting the strips end-to-end, use the alignment notch at each end of the base. Do not allow gaps between strips or between a strip and object.

Fastening Pigeon Spikes
If fastening with adhesive, follow the manufacturers instructions printed on the adhesive container.
If installing with the optional Nixalite hardware (ordered separately), contact Nixalite with any questions.

To order Adhesive
go to the Nixalite Installation Accessories page.
To order Optional Mounting Hardware go to the Nixalite Mounting Hardware page.
To order Optional Installation Accessories, go to Nixalite Installation Accessories page.

Make sure all strips are securely fastened.

Pigeon Spike Estimating and Installation Guide (PDF)
A simple planning and installation guide for Nixalite's Pigeon Spike models.


Where to go from here...
To view the CSI specifications for the Pigeon Spike, go to the Architect's Info Center and select the Nixalite Pigeon Spike Composite.
Return to the Bird Spike Main Page for more spike choices.

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