Nixalite® Netting & Mesh Comparison Chart

Quickly compare Nixalite bird netting and wire mesh products. Choose the product that is right for your application.

Net & Mesh
Nixalite KNet HT Bird Exclusion Netting
K-Net HT
Bird Netting
15 year limited warranty
Nixalite BirdNet Bird Exclusion Netting
Bird Netting
10 year limited warranty

Bird Netting
10 year limited warranty
Nixalite Polly Net Bird Exclusion Netting
Bird Netting
Bare Hand Vineyard Netting
Fire Retardant
10 year limited warranty
BirdScreen Welded Wire Mesh Barriers
Welded Wire Mesh
Works for All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds Birds & Animals
Made of Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polypropylene Polyethylene Stainless, Galvanized
Mesh Size 3/4" Square 3/4" or 2" Square 9/16" Square 1/2", 3/4" 3/4" Square 1/2" square
Widths (ft) 25 & 50 feet 25, 50, 100 feet 25, 50 feet 14, 17 feet 25, 50 feet 4 feet
Lengths (ft) 25, 50 & 100 25, 50, 100 25, 50, 100 MANY 100 ft 100 ft
Durability Longest Lasting Long Lasting Long Lasting Long Lasting Long Lasting Lasts a Lifetime
Key Details Strongest multi-
strand netting
Durable & discreet multi-strand netting Keeps out small birds and bats Strength with
Fire Retardant net for all birds Strong, durable,
looks great
Equivalent NONE Available NONE Available Available Available
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