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Ropel Outdoor Dog, Cat and Bird Repellent


Ropel® Outdoor Dog, Cat and Bird Repellent
An easy to apply, ready to use area repellent


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When used as directed, these effective repellent granules deter dogs, cats and birds from defecating or urinating on your property. It also discourages digging in lawns, gardens and flower pots. For outdoor use only. The dry granules of the Ropel® Outdoor Repellent provide an aromatic barrier that is proven effective for dogs, cats and birds. Although not offensive to humans, the granules are repulsive smelling to these animals, encouraging them to leave the area quickly, without harming them in any way.

Use Ropel® Outdoor Repellent to Protect:
Lawns, gardens, hedges, shrubs, trees,  golf courses, landscaping, flower pots, parks, nurseries, cemeteries, shelters, picnic areas, anywhere cats, dogs and select birds are or may become a nuisance.

Availability: Ropel® Outdoor Repellent is not available for export.

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Ropel Outdoor Dog, Cat and Bird Repellent

An easy to apply, ready to use, area repellent that stops nuisance animals from damaging or defiling gardens, lawns, flower pots and landscaping.
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Ropel ODCB Ropel Outdoor Repellent 2lb Container $9.98 
Ropel ODCB Cs. CASE 6 - Ropel Outdoor 2lb Containers $53.94 

Instructions for use:
Apply granules directly on lawns and garden beds, approximately 1 foot away from flowering plants and painted surfaces. Do Not apply to dichondra or unusual ground cover plants without testing small areas first. Resume treatment if problem recurs. For additional control; Ropel granules (aromatic repellent) can be combined with Ropel liquid repellent (taste repellent) for complete nuisance animal control on almost any type of property.

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