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Raticator Electric Trap

Raticator Electric Rat Trap - WEB ONLY SALE
Power Tools for Rodent Control! Quickly & humanely kills all types of rodents. (Previously called Rat Zappers)


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Clean control! No pastes, poisons or bloody traps.
When a rodent enters a Raticator to get the supplied dry bait, the system senses its presence and delivers enough electrical energy to quickly and humanely kill the rodent. A flashing red light on top of the trap (or the optional Raticator Indicator) tells you when the Raticator has done its job. With Raticators you never have to touch the dead rodent. To remove the carcass, gently shake it out of the trap.

What makes Raticators so much better...

  • No poisons, pastes or touchy snap traps

  • Clean, lightweight, compact, reusable

  • Easy to set up and monitor

  • Humane - kills rodents immediately

  • 2 Raticator models to choose from

  • Optional Raticator Indicator for hidden trap locations

  • Unit must be protected for outdoor use

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Raticator Plus

Raticator is the Power Tool for Rodent Control. It quickly and humanely kills mice and rats. Has on/off switch, indicator light that tells you when it has done it's job. Batteries not included. No poisons, sticky pastes or nasty snap traps.
Item# Description Price Quantity
RatZap Raticator Plus Electronic Trap for Mice & Rats - Reg. $49.95 $44.98 
RatZap Cs. Case of 6 - Raticator Plus Electric traps $252.00 

Raticator Max

Raticator Max uses 4-D cell batteries and advanced electronics to get up to 40 rodent kills on one set of batteries. Batteries not included. Larger capacity with indicator lights for easy monitoring. Ideal for heavy rodent infestations
Item# Description Price Quantity
ratzapu Raticator Max $44.98 
ratzapu cs Case of 6 - Raticator Max Traps $269.88 

Raticator Indicator

Raticator Indicator light allows for quick monitoring of hidden, out of the way Raticator locations. 12 foot long cord plugs into top of either Raticator model. Batteries not included - requires 2 - 3.3v Lithium batteries
Item# Description Price Quantity
Rat Tale Remote indicator light for both Raticator models $13.95 

General Application (see product packaging for additional information)

1.  Remove all other traps and food sources.
2.  Place on a flat surface, typically against a wall.
3.  Turn the Main switch ON. The light blinks once to indicate all systems are ready.
4.  When the trap has done it's job, the red light on top of the trap will be blinking.
5.  To remove the dead rodent, turn the unit OFF and shake the carcass out of the trap.
6.  Repeat steps 1 through 5 to begin the process again
7.  Remove the dry bait from the bag and place it in the trap - all the way to the back.
8.  For outdoor use, protect the unit.  Do not let it get wet.

Recommended Batteries:
IMPORTANT: Batteries are not included with your Raticator Traps. The performance of the Raticator and Indicator depends on battery quality, the number of rodents killed and how long the trap is left on. For best results, use the batteries recommended for each Raticator item.

Raticator Plus: 4-AA batteries - Energizer E2 Titanium or Duracell Ultra w/MC technology.
Raticator Max:
4-D batteries - Energizer E2 Titanium or Duracell Ultra w/M3 technology.
Raticator Indicator:
2-3.3v Lithium batteries - no specific brand.

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