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PollyNet Bird Netting


PollyNet Bird Netting
Effective, durable, easy to install and economical. What more can you ask from a bird control netting?


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PollyNet is an extruded, knotless, UV stabilized, polypropylene bird netting. PollyNet is offered in two grades, Premium and Lightweight. Both are made from the same UV resistant black polypropylene material but are used for different applications.

What makes PollyNet the best bird netting for the price?

  • There are two grades of PollyNet to choose from; Premium and Lightweight.
  • Both grades are made from UV resistant, extruded black polypropylene.
  • PollyNet is flexible, easy to cut, installs quickly and looks good.
  • All PollyNet grades are seamless and knotless nets.
  • It can be installed on, over, under and around an endless list of objects and openings.
  • Premium is tough and resilient netting made for exterior installations.
  • Premium has 1/2" square mesh to keep out even the smallest birds.
  • Premium comes in 14ft widths and 50, 100 and 250ft lengths.
  • Use Lightweight where low visibility and economy are more important than durability.
  • Lightweight has 3/4"x5/8" mesh to keep out most birds.
  • Lightweight comes in 17ft widths and 50, 100 and 250ft lengths.

For more detailed information on the PollyNet, download the PollyNet Bird Netting Brochure (PDF).

Premium PollyNet

Tough, resilient bird netting made to withstand the rigors of exterior applications. The 1/2" square mesh keeps out even small birds.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Netting 50 14' x 50' Premium PollyNet $125.95 
Netting 100 14' x 100' Premium PollyNet $210.95 
Netting 250 14' x 250' Premium PollyNet $499.95 
Netting 3000 14' x 3,000' Premium PollyNet Bulk Roll $3,895.00 

Lightweight PollyNet

Thinner strands and larger mesh makes Lightweight PollyNet very hard to see. Use when low visibility and economy are more important than durability.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Lnetting 50 17' x 50' Lightweight PollyNet - WEB ONLY SALE $49.99 
Lnetting 100 17' x 100' Lightweight PollyNet $110.95 
Lnetting 250 17' x 250' Lightweight PollyNet $225.95 
Lnetting Roll 17' x 5,000' Lightweight PollyNet Bulk Roll $2,595.00 

PollyNet Premium Uses
All bird exclusion projects including architectural, aquacultural and agricultural applications. The 1/2” square mesh keeps out birds of all sizes. Uses: windows, bell towers, gazebos, louvers, covered truck docks, pavilions, bridges, boat docks, fish ponds, signs, balconies, vineyards, etc.

PollyNet Lightweight Applications
Use PollyNet Lightweight when low visibility and economy are more important than netting longevity. Uses: gardens, greenhouses, plant nurseries, berry crops, landscaping, food courts, latticework, seeded turf, many short term applications.

Netting Hardware
A comprehensive line of net hardware is available to fasten PollyNet to wood, masonry, stone, sheet metal, steel, iron, and more.
For more information, go to Netting Hardware page.

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, go to the Installation Showcase and select Bird Netting Showcase page.

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