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PLOTSAVER Deer Barrier System


PLOTSAVER Ribbon and Repellent System
Create Effective and Safe Deer Barriers with PLOTSAVER® System.


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The PLOTSAVER Ribbon sprayed with the PLOTSAVER Repellent creates a simple but effective sensory perimeter barrier for deer, elk and moose. Use this system to protect your entire property or just select areas within it. It can protect large areas at a fraction of the cost of broadcast spraying..

What makes PLOTSAVER different;

  • Proven repellent for deer, elk and moose

  • Use safely around vegetable and flower gardens

  • Pleasant smell - doesn't have to smell bad to work

  • 100% organic solution - recognized by gardening associations

  • Concentrate is easy to use - mixes with water

  • One spray application can last up to 30 days

  • Safe for people, pets and plants

  • Spray with any type of pump or compression sprayer

  • One quart of concentrate treats up to 5,440ft of ribbon

  • Repellent comes in quart and gallon concentrate sizes

Availability: Available in all 50 states. Not available in some countries. Contact Nixalite for details.


PLOTSAVER Deer Barrier System

The Plot Saver Ribbon and Repellent system creates a simple but very effective sensory perimeter barrier for deer, elk and moose. Use to protect large open areas or just select areas in and around the property.
Item# Description Price Quantity
PlotSaver C Q Plotsaver Repellent Concentrate Quart bottle $39.99 
PlotSaver C G PlotSaver Repellent Concentrate Gallon $124.99 
PlotSaver LBR 1320 Spool 3/4" x 1,320ft Large Black Ribbon $39.99 
PlotSaver LWR 1320 Spool 3/4" x 1,320ft Large White Ribbon $39.99 
PlotSaver Clips 30 - 3/8" Clips for Fiberglass Posts $12.99 
PlotSaver BFS 39 30 - 39" Long Black Fiberglass Posts $49.99 
PlotSaver WFS 39 30 - 39" Long White Fiberglass Posts $49.99 

Need a tank sprayer to apply your PLOTSAVER? The Multi-Purpose sprayer comes in 1 and 2 gallon tank size. For more information on all of the sprayers, go to the Sprayer Page.

Muti-Purpose Sprayer

Easy to use commercial grade sprayer. Available in 1 and 2 gallon capacities.
Item# Description Price Quantity
HD20011 Multi-Purpose Sprayer w/1 gal poly tank $39.95 
HD20012 Multi-Purpose Sprayer w/2 gal poly tank $44.95 

Using the PLOTSAVER posts and clips, install the 3/4” wide, reusable PLOTSAVER ribbon around the outside edges of gardens, yards, lots, ponds and more. To create the sensory barrier, spray the ribbon with the PLOTSAVER repellent. Use any pressurized sprayer available. Re-spray the ribbon every 3 to 4 weeks.

How Many Posts and Clips:
PLOTSAVER posts are black or white and sold in 30 count bundles. Install AT LEAST 1 post per 30 ft of perimeter.
PLOTSAVER Post Clips are black and sold in 30 count bags. Install one Clip per post.
NOTE: Color of post or ribbon does not affect results.


  1. Measure the outside perimeter of the area you want to enclose. Use this number to find the quantity of ribbon, repellent, posts and clips needed for the enclosure.
  2. Install a clip on each 39” long, 3/8” thick fiberglass post. Push the pointed end of each post into the ground about 6”, following the shape of the enclosure. Max post spacing is 30 ft. Some enclosures will need tighter spacing and additional posts to closely follow the outside perimeter.
  3. At the first post of the enclosure, fasten the ribbon to the post, 30” from the ground. Install the ribbon into the clips on the remaining posts 30” from the ground. This puts the ribbon in the most effective zone for most deer.
  4. For fawns or small deer, move the ribbon down to 24” from the ground. For moose and elk install one ribbon at 30” and another at 48”. This requires taller posts.
  5. Do not let the ribbon sag between posts. If it sags, the system will not work effectively.
  6. Once installed, spray the ribbon with the liquid repellent.

Re-apply the PLOTSAVER Repellent every 30 days, regardless of weather and watering including heavy rainfall. It dries clear and odor free in about 20 minutes.

Apply the repellent with any available pump or compression sprayer.

Mixing and Coverage Rates:
Available in 1 gallon and 1 quart concentrate sizes. Mix 1 part concentrate to 9 parts water.

Concentrate + Water = Solution = Coverage
1 quart + 9 quarts water = 2.5 gallons = Treats 5,440ft of ribbon for 30 days
1 gallon + 9 gallons water = 10 gallons = Treats 21,760ft of ribbon for 30 days
NOTE: Doubling the repellent size doubles the days of protection.

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