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Mist Net Bird & Bat Capture Netting


Mist Net Bird & Bat Capture Netting
Our lightweight Mist Nets are used for the humane, live capture and release of both small bird and bat species.

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Made from durable nylon, Mist Net is a standard 3-pouch construction net with HD loops at both ends of all reinforcement cords. The key to effective use of mist nets is proper installation and around the clock attention to the nets. Qualified personnel must always be present to quickly untangle and release the birds or bats.

Mist Net Bird & Bat Capture Netting:

  • Available in 8ft x 30ft (2.4M x 9M), with 11/16" diamond mesh.
  • Ultra-light, UV resistant nylon,110 denier, 2 strand mesh netting.
  • 3-pouch construction with 4 HD loops at both ends for post installation.
  • Lightweight - mist net weighs only 4 ounces for 240 square feet
  • If properly installed, fitted and attended, mist nets are harmless to birds & bats.

Mist Net Applications:

  • For the humane, live capture of small birds and bats.
  • Capture and relocate birds and bats from malls, large warehouses, stores, etc.
  • Used to test bird and bat populations for viruses and parasitic infestations.
  • Captures small species for tagging, banding or otherwise tracking birds and bats.
  • Used indoors and outdoors for the safe and humane relocation of small birds & bats.

For Mist Net literature, download the Mist Net Bird/Bat Capture Netting brochure (PDF).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having the best equipment does not guarantee success. Capturing pest birds and bats with mist netting can be as much art as it is science. Nixalite guarantees the workmanship of the mist netting. WE DO NOT guarantee that you will catch anything. Effective and safe employment of mist netting takes thoughtful planning, a knowledge of the target species, proper timing and the best location. It is up to you to check all local, state and federal restrictions regarding the capture of any wildlife using mist netting. If you have questions, contact Nixalite.


Mist Netting Bird Capture Nets

Mist Netting, 8ft x 30ft nylon netting is used for the safe capture of wild birds in flight. When used as directed, mist nets pose minimal risks to small to medium birds during capture and release.
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Mnet 8x30 Mist Net 8ft x 30ft nylon bird capture netting $99.98 

Mist Net Installation Guide:
The following is a simplified guideline. Your application may require different steps, procedures or practices.

DO NOT use mist nets to capture, interdict or disturb any protected, threatened or endangered animal species. DO NOT leave the Mist Nets unattended! It is vital that personnel are there to untangle any bird or bat immediately.

Before setting the net, note the flight path or paths that the birds or bats use to enter and exit the area. The best mist net location will intersect the path taken by the majority of the birds or bats.

Use posts long enough to put the mist net directly in the observed flight path. The posts should be strong enough to support the netting in all types of conditions, but light enough to be portable. Use a set up that allows you to raise and lower the mist net quickly and repeatedly. The loops of the mist net accept a maximum post diameter of 1-1/4". Use a minimum post height of 8ft. To get the mist net higher add posts by using simple end-to-end couplers.

Mist nets are different from other types of netting - they are kept loose instead of tight. At one end, thread a post through the net loops. Space the loops on the post so each of the 3 pouches forms a loose pocket of net of about 3 to 5 inches. If you space the loops too far apart the net will be too tight and the birds/bats may bounce off the net instead of getting entangled in it. The loose pocket at the bottom of each pouch is typically where the bird/bat ends up. Loose netting cushions the bird or bat when it hits the netting.

There are other ways to install the mist net. Using posts is the most common. As noted, your application may require different steps, procedures or practices. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Nixalite of America Inc.

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