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Cobweb Eliminator Spray

Cobweb Eliminator
Eliminates, Cleans and Inhibits Spider Webs!  All natural ingredients, ready to use!


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                                This Product Has Been Discontinued

Cobweb Eliminator is the only patented product formulated to eliminate, clean and inhibit the reformation of spider webs. Great around people, pets, plants, and crops when used as directed. Cobweb Eliminator is authorized for use in food processing plants, restaurants and food storage areas.

Cobweb Eliminator neutralizes and breaks down the spider's web attachment points, making web removal easy. It leaves a residue that continues to inhibit a spider’s web adhesive properties, discouraging web reformation for months.

What makes Cobweb Eliminator so much better..

  • Neutralizes and breaks down spider webs

  • Use in and around food service areas

  • Ready to use - no mixing.

  • Non-Staining

  • Easy to apply

  • Non-toxic

  • No poisons

  • Safe for people, pets and plants

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Cobweb Eliminator

Cobweb Eliminator is the only patented product formulated to eliminate, clean and inhibit the reformation of spider webs. FDA/USDA approved for use around food processing, restaurants and storage areas. Great around people, pets, plants and crops.
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Apply with confidence on wood, painted surfaces, vinyl, fiberglass, sheet metal, concrete and masonry. For unusual surfaces, test a small area first to make sure there is no adverse reaction. When in doubt, test it first! Spray on plants, to keep spider webs from forming on the foliage.

Homes, garages, basements, boat docks & piers, stables, barns, storage sheds, restaurants, food warehouses, gazebos, awnings, crawl spaces, plant nurseries, gardens, potted plants, ornamentals, anywhere spider webs are a problem.


  • On smooth surfaces, apply with a sponge.

  • On rough surfaces, apply with a brush or sprayer.

  • Remove spider web residue with a stiff broom or brush. Repeat application as needed.

  • On plants spray every 2 to 3 months or as necessary to prevent spider webs from forming. To prevent burning, apply in the morning or late afternoon hours.

A quart bottle will cover approximately 275 square feet of smooth surface. Rough or porous surfaces will reduce coverage.

Cobweb Eliminator will last for 6 months indoors and 2 to 3 months outdoors.

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