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Bird-Zap Shock Track Electric Bird Deterrent


Bird-Zap Shock Track
Humane & Discreet Electric Bird Track Deterrent

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Turn the Power On and the Birds are Gone!

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What is Bird-Zap?
A flexible, electrified shock track bird deterrent that can be installed on a variety of surfaces to repel all types of pest birds regardless of infestation level.

How Does Bird-Zap Shock Track Work?
When a bird lands or walks on the installed track, it receives a very brief shock that tells them that the Bird-Zap is not a welcome mat and should be avoided wherever its installed. This negative reinforcement is what eventually changes the birds behavior. Bird-Zap is safe for birds, pets and people.

Putting the pieces together
The Bird-Zap Shock Track system is made of individual components that when put together create a humane and discreet deterrent that can be used to deter birds of all kinds on all types of surface contours and materials.

1. Bird-Zap track is a flexible, UV resistant PVC strip with 2 stainless steel conductors sewn into the track. Bird-Zap track is 1/4" thick, 1-1/2" wide and comes in 50 foot rolls of either black, gray, tan or an optional red.

2. Use Quick Straight Connectors to supply power to adjacent rows of track. Jumper Wire is used to make all electrical connections.

3. The Charger provides the power through the entire system.

4. Quick Connectors make end-to-end connections.

5. Quick connectors can be used for corners. They adjust to any angle needed.

6. The track is available in black, grey, tan and an optional red. Use the color that best matches your surface.

Use to repel all bird species including vultures, seagulls, pigeons, crows, starlings and sparrows. Ideal control for sign letters, roof peaks, AC units, exposed trusses, window sills, ledges, beams, skylights, parapets, etc. Scales up or down to suit the size and needs of each installation.

For bird control systems that do not require electricity, go to Nixalite Bird Spikes, Nixalite Bird Netting, Bird Control Products or contact Nixalite for more information.

Order Bird-Zap Track & Jumper Wire Here

Bird Zap Shock Track Rolls

UV stabilized PVC track comes in 50 foot long rolls and 3 standard colors. The track is 1-1/2" wide, 1/4" high and has 2 stainless steel conductor strips sewn into the track lengthwise. Flexible, cuts easily and follows shapes and contours.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST BLK Bird Zap Shock Track 50ft Roll, Black $205.00 
ST GRY Bird Zap Shock Track 50ft Roll Grey $205.00 
ST BEIGE Bird Zap Shock Track 50ft roll Beige $205.00 

ECO-BOND Sealer/Adhesive

A green LEED compliant construction adhesive, sealant and silicone replacement. Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and materials. Application temperatures range from -35 to 140 degrees F. ECO-BOND has no VOC's, silica or isocyanate. It cures by drawing in moisture - eliminating off gassing of solvents or vapors.
Item# Description Price Quantity
EBCLR125 ECO-BOND Clear Sealant & Adhesive Cartridge 10.1 oz $9.50 
EBCLR125 Cs CASE of 24 ECO-BOND Cartridges adhesive $216.00 

Bird Zap Jumper Wire

HD, 14 gauge, double insulated copper wire used to connect the Bird Zap chargers to the Bird Zap track and to join separate runs of track together. Easy to cut, strip and crimp. Available in 50 foot spools and 3 different colors.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST WIRE BLK Bird Zap Jumper Wire 50ft spool, Black $60.00 
ST WIRE GRY Bird Zap Jumper Wire 50ft spool, Grey $60.00 
ST WIRE BG Bird Zap Jumper Wire 50ft spool, Beige $60.00 

Order Bird-Zap Energizers Here

Bird Zap 110VAC Plug In Chargers

Bird Zap 110VAC plug-in-the-wall electric chargers for the Bird Zap Shock Track system. Available in different sizes and capabilities. Multiple uses.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST AC500 110VAC Charger powers up to 500ft of track $55.00 
ST AC1500 110VAC Charger powers up to 1500ft of track $89.00 

Bird Zap Solar Powered Chargers

Bird Zap Shock Track solar powered chargers are available in several sizes and capabilities. Ideal for remote or isolated Bird Zap Shock Track instalaltions. Multiple uses.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST SC500 Solar Charger 6VDC battery powers up to 500ft of track $199.00 
ST SC1000 Solar charger 12VDC battery powers up to 1000ft of track $205.00 
ST SC1500 Solar charger 12VDC battery powers up to 1500 ft of track $305.00 

Bird Zap Battery Powered Chargers

Bird Zap Shock Track battery powered chargers for remote, isolated and/or temporary installations of Bird Zap Shock Track deterrent system. Multiple uses.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST BC500 4 D-cell battery powered charger for up to 500ft of track $145.00 
ST BC1500 12VDC powered charger powers up to 1500ft of track $150.00 

Order Bird-Zap Connectors Here

Bird Zap Quick Corner Connector

A 2-piece “L” shaped connector that snaps together over two ends of the Bird-Zap Track to make a 90 degree corner. The bottom piece has 3 mounting holes and tabs to align the ends of the track. The top piece has metal teeth that bite into the braided conductors in each track.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST CC Shock Track Quick Corner Connector - 10 pack $54.80 

Bird Zap Quick Straight Connector

A 2-piece connector that snaps together over the ends of the Bird-Zap track. The bottom piece has 2 mounting holes and tabs to align the ends of the track. The top piece has metal teeth that bite into the braided conductors in each track and tabs on top for Jumper Wire connections.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST SC Shock Track Quick Straight Connector - 20 pack $81.55 

Bird Zap Quick Lock Down

Bird Zap Shock Track accessory for the mechanical fastening of the Shock Track. Install Quick Lock Downs every 12" along the path of the track. Fasten Quick Lock Downs with the appropriate mechanical fastener. Sold in 50 count bags.
Item# Description Price Quantity

Bird Zap Crimp Wire Connector Kits

Bird Zap Shock Track accessories. Crimp style wire connectors available in 4 different configurations. Use Wire Crimping Tool accessory to complete wire connections.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST CK Corner Connector Kit (100 male, 100 female) $55.00 
ST TJ T-Junction Kit (100 male & female, 50 piggybacks) $75.00 
ST SK Straight Kit (100 male & female clips) $50.00 
ST SNAP Snap Tap Kit (50 Snap Taps) $39.00 

Order Bird-Zap Accessories Here

ShockTape Wire Loops

100 count bag of multi-purpose UV resistant poly wire loops. Used to mechanically fasten the Jumper Wire to the installation surfaces. Has a 1/4" diameter loop and a 3/16" mounting hole.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST Loops 100ct loops hold Jumper Wire, 1/4" loop, 3/16 hole $11.00 

ShockTape Digital Line Tester

Digital high voltage tester with digital read out. Designed to measure DC pulse current in electified lines like the ShockTape electric bird deterrent. Measures pulses from 500 to 9,900 volts DC. Self contained. 9 volt battery required.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST Digital Digital tester for DC pulse power 500-9,900v $44.00 

ShockTape 8 light line tester

An eight neon-light indicator and tester makes measuring DC pulses quick and easy. Intended to test electrified lines for DC pulse power. Measures pulses from 600 to 7,000 volts DC. Economy workhorse tester.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST Neon 8 neon light DC pulse power tester, 600-7,000v $27.00 

ShockTape Crimper/Stripper/Cutter

Up front crimp jaw design is a MUST for ShockTape installation. Cuts and strips Jumper Wire. Crimps ShockTape Sleeves on to Jumper Wire and ShockTape. Insulated handles.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST Crimper Front crimp design strip, crimp and cut tool $22.00 

Heavy Duty Multi-purpose Shears

Heavy-duty multi-purpose EMT Shears to cut almost anything that needs cutting. Cuts through canvas, leather, rope, small cables and heavy gage wire. Handy tool for all types of jobs.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST Scissors HD EMT Shears for cutting tape, wire, net and more $20.00 

ShockTape Warning Signs

3 Warning Signs in each bag. Bright yellow and black letter and symbol signs warn others of the possibility of electric shock hazard. Flexible plastic signs with mounting holes for easy installation.
Item# Description Price Quantity
ST Signs 3 ct bag electric fence warning signs $17.00 

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