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Bird Control Products


Bird Control Products
Nixalite of America Inc offers a wide variety of humane and effective bird control products including barriers, repellents, deterrents, access control products, live traps and many more. The list below provides a brief description for each bird control product and links to pages with more detailed information.

Nixalite Stainless Steel Bird Control
Premium Nixalite Bird Barrier Spike model descriptions, applications and options. Order Premium Nixalite Barrier Spikes here.
Bird Spikes
From the world's best bird barrier spike to the least expensive, Nixalite offers 11 different models to choose from.
Bird Netting
Complete bird netting systems to efficiently and economically exclude pest birds from all types of objects, openings and structures.
Bird Screen Welded Wire Mesh Barriers
Stainless & galvanized welded wire mesh. Keeps out birds & animals. Endless applications.
Order it here.
FliteLine Bird Wire
An inconspicuous post & wire bird deterrent installed on all types of surfaces to deter large birds. Order FliteLine here.
Bird-Zap Shock Track Electric Bird Control
A flexible, electrified track installed on all kinds of surfaces to repel all types of pest birds. Order Bird-Zap Shock Track here.
Acoustic Hailing and Bird Dispersal Systems
Acoustic devices that use a focused beam of sound to deliver a powerful bird and animal deterrent.
Order here.
Bird Haze Generators
Nixalite offers fully programmable, automated machines that produce a very effective thin haze of Fog Force.
Order Haze Generators here.
Bird Traps
Nixalite's bird traps are designed, constructed and used by bird and animal trapping professionals. Order Bird Traps here.
Vent & Chimney Guards
Dryer, Exhaust and Roof Vent Guards are now available from Nixalite! Stop wildlife from getting in through ducts, pipes and chimney flues. Order Vent Guards here.
Copper Blocker Access Control
Keep small birds, bats, rodents and insects from getting through the cracks with CopperBlocker copper mesh. Great slug/snail barrier.
Order CopperBlocker here.
BatCone Bird, Bat & Animal Wildlife Excluders
Professional exclusion products for bats, birds, rats and more. BatCones are easy to install, safe, humane, reusable and recyclable. Order BatCones here.
Migrate Goose Repellent
Makes grass & turf unpalatable to geese and other grazing birds. Helps reduce the damage and unsightly mess they create
. Order Migrate here.
Migrate for Agriculture Bird Repellent
A biodegradable, non-toxic liquid that is sprayed on cherry, grape and blueberry crops to reduce feeding losses due to pest birds. Order Migrate for Agriculture here.
InvisiDye UV Marker for Migrate
Geese see the InvisiDye and Migrate sprayed grass as a different color than untreated grass and associate the UV marker with the repellent effect. Order InvisiDye Here.
Fog Force Bird Repellent
An easy-to-use, safe and humane RTU bird dispersal agent. Fog Force is an oil based repellent that uses Methyl Anthranilate (MA).
Order Fog Force here.
Fog Force AR and TR Bird Repellent
Fog Force in spray cans. AR is a simple point & spray repellent. TR is a time release dispenser.
Order Fog Force AR and TR here.
Bird Barricade Electric ULV Fogger
An easy-to-use, automatic, ultra-low volume (ULV) electric fogger that disperses both water and oil based solutions, indoors and outdoors. Order a Bird Barricade here.
Fogging Equipment from Nixalite
Complete your fogging or spraying system with an advanced technology thermal or ULV fogger from Nixalite
. Order foggers here.
PiGNX Bio-Repellent for Birds
Not just a sticky paste. A contact repellent that uses capsaicin (what makes chili’s hot) suspended in a clear gel. Order PiGNX Bio-Repellent here.
4 The Birds Gel Repellent
A repellent is a transparent sticky gel used to deter pigeons and starlings. Order 4 The Birds Gel here.
4 The Birds Liquid Repellent
A transparent spray gel used to deter pigeons and starlings. Order 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent here.
Tanglefoot Bird Repellent
This non-drying, clear sticky compound is used to discourage birds from landing on all types of surfaces. Order Tanglefoot Bird Repellent here.
AirCrow Inflatable Scarecrow
Specifically designed to humanely defend gardens, orchards, vineyards, boat docks, gazeboes, landscaping and more. Order AirCrow Kits Here.
Scare Away Bird Deterrent Reflector
Used for to deter seagulls, pigeons and other migratory birds, this spinning reflector uses sunlight and wind to repel birds. Order Scare Away Reflector here.
Tangle Guard Repeller Ribbon
A space age holographic ribbon that provides economical and humane spot control for nuisance birds. Order Repeller Ribbon here.
Bird Scare Predator Eye
An economical and easy to install visual spot control for nuisance birds. Staring “eyes”, movement and bright colors deter birds. Order Predator Eyes here.
WindowAlert UV Decals
Stop birds from crashing into your windows with WindowAlert UV-decals. Affixed to the outside of window glass. Order WindowAlert Decals here.
Scarecrow Motion Activated Bird Deterrent
An easy and humane way to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, off your lawn and away from your property Order Scarecrows here.
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