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SteriFab Kills Bedbugs


Steri-Fab Kills Bedbugs!

Bedbugs are biting their way across the country! Protect family and home with Steri-Fab multi-purpose spray.

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Download an informative Bed Bug poster (PDF) with helpful tips to assist you in dealing with Bed Bug issues. - Courtesy of the National Pest Management Association

Safe and Effective protection from the bedbug epidemic!
Steri-Fab is proven 100% effective in killing bedbugs, mites, lice, fleas, ticks and a host of other parasites that feed on or infest the human body. It also kills disease causing bacteria that these parasites can carry and spread to people and pets.

Steri-Fab is a ready to use liquid that can be sprayed on nearly any surface (except people, pets and cooking utensils) without fear of staining or odors. Steri-Fab is safe; after it dries (15-20 min. at room temp.) it is no longer active and becomes completely inert.

When using Steri-Fab to kill bedbugs, mites and other insects, spray the infested areas thoroughly and repeatedly. Direct the spray into all crevices, cracks and other hiding places. Keep all surfaces saturated for at least 10 minutes. Let all surfaces air dry and repeat the treatment.

Steri-Fab kills a long list of infesting insects including roaches, ants, silverfish, sow bugs, ticks, lice, lice eggs and more. It kills disease causing bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is proven effective against organisms such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Herpes Simplex II, Aspergillus Niger and even Athlete’s Foot.

Steri-Fab deodorizes surfaces by killing odor causing bacteria, molds and mildews. Use only as directed. Always read and follow all directions on the Steri-Fab product label. Note: DO NOT USE in conjunction with Microcide SQ!

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Steri-Fab Multi-Purpose Sanitizer

A multi-purpose sanitizing spray used to neutralize bacteria, fungi, insects and a variety of harmful germs. No mixing, safe and easy to apply.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Steri-Fab P Steri-Fab - Pint Spray Bottle (NO AIR DELIVERY) $14.98 
Steri-Fab P Cs. CASE 12 - 1 pt spray bottles Steri-Fab (NO AIR DELIVERY) $139.92 
Steri-Fab G Steri-Fab - 1 Gallon Jug (NO AIR DELIVERY) $44.98 
Steri-Fab G Cs. CASE 4 - 1 gallon jugs Steri-Fab (NO AIR SHIPMENTS) $179.92 


For application instructions, download a Steri-Fab Bactericide brochure (PDF 1 pg.)
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