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Garden Netting from Nixalite


Garden Netting For Birds
Protect flowers, vegetables, fruit and berries from pest birds with lightweight and economical bird netting.

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Garden netting from Nixalite provides a quick and economical method of bird control for gardens, berry bushes, row plantings, tomatoes, seed beds, seedlings and more. Garden netting allows sun and pollinators in but helps keep pest birds out.

We offer two types of garden netting; PollyNet Lightweight and Bare Hand Flex Premium.

PollyNet Lightweight Garden Netting for Birds

  • Seamless 17ft x 50ft is the perfect size for most gardens

  • Lightweight comes in 17ft widths and 50, 100 and 250ft lengths
  • Nearly invisible protection, the thin black polypropylene strands are discreet
  • Apply over a simple framework to enclose areas and objects
  • Open mesh allows in rain, sunlight and pollinating insects
  • For detailed information go to the PollyNet bird netting page

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Garden Netting from PollyNet

This lightweight PollyNet is ideal for protecting vulnerable plants from birds. Available in sizes more suitable to the hobby gardener. Protect row plantings of grapes, berries, row vegetables, even entire gardens with PollyNet Lightweight
Item# Description Price Quantity
Lnetting 50 17' x 50' Lightweight PollyNet - WEB ONLY SALE $49.99 
Lnetting 100 17' x 100' Lightweight PollyNet $110.95 

Bare Hand Flex Premium Bird Netting for Gardens

  • Economical 3/4" diamond mesh net that stretches in length and width to listed size
  • Protect row planting such as berries, tomatoes, grape arbors, seedlings and more
  • Available in 100 and 500 ft long pieces for smaller applications
  • Stretch over a simple framework to enclose areas and objects
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted yarns that are durable and soft
  • For detailed information go to the Bare Hand Netting page

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Garden Netting from Bare Hand

Bare Hand Vineyard Netting is available in smaller sizes for the hobby farmer and back yard gardens. Made to protect row plantings, use the Bare Hand Premium FLEX netting for grapes, berries, tomatoes and other row planted crops
Item# Description Price Quantity
BHFP25 Bare Hand Flex Premium 17' x 25' $36.00 
BHFP100 Bare Hand Flex Premium 17' x 100' $79.00 
BHFP500 Bare Hand Flex Premium 17' x 500' $199.00 

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