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Complete Rodent Control From Nixalite

Mouse and Rat Traps
Nixalite's rodent control solutions help you quickly and humanely clear areas of mice, rats and other rodents


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Nixalite provides a variety of rodent control solutions to rid your space of unwanted mice and rats.Order Traps Here

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Mouse Combo

Professional Mouse Control Combo Pack From Nixalite. Safe, Fast and Effective Indoor Mouse Control. 1 Botanical Repellent 4 Pack and 1 Victor Electronic Mouse Trap. Limited Time Only.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Mouse Combo Repellent and Electronic Trap Combo $49.95 

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Raticator Max

Raticator Max uses 4-D cell batteries and advanced electronics to get up to 40 rodent kills on one set of batteries. Batteries not included. Larger capacity with indicator lights for easy monitoring. Ideal for heavy rodent infestations
Item# Description Price Quantity
ratzapu Raticator Max $44.98 
ratzapu cs Case of 6 - Raticator Max Traps $269.88 

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Raticator Plus

Raticator is the Power Tool for Rodent Control. It quickly and humanely kills mice and rats. Has on/off switch, indicator light that tells you when it has done it's job. Batteries not included. No poisons, sticky pastes or nasty snap traps.
Item# Description Price Quantity
RatZap Raticator Plus Electronic Trap for Mice & Rats - Reg. $49.95 $44.98 
RatZap Cs. Case of 6 - Raticator Plus Electric traps $252.00 

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Raticator Indicator

Raticator Indicator light allows for quick monitoring of hidden, out of the way Raticator locations. 12 foot long cord plugs into top of either Raticator model. Batteries not included - requires 2 - 3.3v Lithium batteries
Item# Description Price Quantity
Rat Tale Remote indicator light for both Raticator models $13.95 

Victor PRO Electronic Mouse Trap

Safe, Fast and Effective. Uses 4 -AA Batteries (not included) for up to 100 kills. Indicator light lets you know when the job is done.
Item# Description Price Quantity
VEMTPRO Victor Electronic Mouse Trap $34.95 

Glue Board inserts

Glue board inserts for multiple catch mouse traps, 10" x 4", each or 10 per case. Perforated base- tears into 3 strips for Little Pete traps or use full size in other trap models (can be used in trap series #420 and 423).
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT166 Glue board inserts for multiple catch mouse traps 10pk $4.40 
JT166 Cs Case of 10 - 10 packs Glue Board inserts $42.00 

JT420 Repeater Mouse Trap

Repeater™ Multiple Catch Mouse Trap with solid lid. Packed 12 per case with 12 service logs and instructions.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT420 Repeater Multiple Mouse Catch Mouse Trap $11.57 
JT420 Cs CASE of 12 Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Traps $138.86 

Repeater with clear top

Repeater™ Multiple Catch Mouse Trap with clear inspection window. Packed 12 per case with 12 service logs and instructions.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT420CL Repeater Mouse Trap w/clear inspection window $12.78 
JT420CL Cs CASE of 12 Repeater Multi-catch mouse traps w/clear top $153.38 

Little Pete Slim mouse trap

Little Pete® Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap with solid lid. Packed 12 per case with service logs and instructions.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT423 Little Pete Slim Multi-Catch mouse trap $7.15 
JT423 Cs CASE of 12 Little Pete Multi-Catch mouse traps $85.80 

Little Pete mouse trap clear lid

Little Pete® Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap with clear lid. Packed 12 per case with service logs and instructions.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT423CL Little Pete Multi-catch mouse trap w/ clear top $7.48 
JT423CL Cs CASE of 12 Little Pete Multi-Catch Mouse Traps $89.76 

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JAWZ Spring Traps

Easy to set, Easy to empty. Set with hand or foot without danger of getting fingers snapped.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT410-4pk 4 Pack of JAWZ easy set traps for RATS. - OUT OF STOCK $13.20 
JT409-4pk 4 Pack of JAWZ easy set traps for MICE. $5.60 

JT Eaton Mouse Trap 4-pack

Standard snap trap with expanded trigger for enhanced performance.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT406XT 4 Pack of JT Eaton Mouse Traps  $2.24 

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Pro-Cone Round and Square

Heavy duty clear plastic contstruction. Round and square bases. For multiple uses and multiple species. Covers 2" max diameter hole. Use shape that best suits application. Fasten using built-in flanges or the optional base flanges.
Item# Description Price Quantity
BCS Pro-cone Square clear plastic cone with square flange - WEB ONLY SALE $12.95 
BCR Pro-Cone Round clear plastic cone with built in round flange $12.95 

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Bat-A-Way Granular Repellent for bats, birds, squirrels and rabbits. Easy to use and humane repellent used to get bats, birds and squirrels out of attics, crawlspaces, wall voids, etc. Use to keep rabbits out of flower beds and ornamental gardens.
Item# Description Price Quantity

Cleaners for your Rodent Traps
Here are a few products you can use to clean and sanitize your rodent trap. For more choices, go to Cleaning Products section

Poop Off Stain Remover

Poop Off Stain & Odor Remover
Item# Description Price Quantity
POSO32 Stain/Odor Remover 32oz $11.98 
POSO32 Cs Case 12-32oz Stain/Odor $129.00 
POSO128 Stain/Odor Remover 128oz $39.95 
POSO128 Cs Case 4-128oz Stain/Odor $144.00 

Microcide SQ Disinfectant

A broad spectrum, hospital grade cleaner, disinfectant and bactericide used to disinfect hard surfaces, fabrics and clothing.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Microcide Microcide SQ Concentrate w/quart Spray Bottle $29.98 
Microcide Cs Case 12 - Microcide SQ w/ quart spray bottle $323.88 
Microcide G Microcide SQ concentrate gallon jug $99.95 

General Instructions

NOTE: Always follow the instructions provided with your trap. The following are meant to be general steps.

Snap Traps
1.  Bait the trap with the bait of your choice.
2.  Place the trap at right angles to the wall where mice & rats run.(Bait well should be close to the wall)
3.  Monitor the trap for activity.

Electronic Rat & Mice Traps
1.  Remove all other traps and food sources.
2.  Place on a flat surface, typically against a wall.
3.  Turn the trap ON. Usually there is an indicator light to let you know everything is ready.
4.  When the trap has done it's job, another indicator light usually will tell you when to empty the trap.
5.  To remove the dead rodent, turn the unit OFF and shake the carcass out of the trap.
6.  Keep the trap off. Clean if necessary. Repeat steps as often as needed.

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