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Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers

Nixalite Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers are ideal for mosquito and flying insect control, crawling insect control, bird repellent fogging, smoke/odor abatement, heavy commercial fogging, military and police force training, special effects and more. These fog liquid oil and water based solutions (no powders or dissolved solids) over large open areas or areas that are heavily obstructed (vegetation, landscaping, stored products, etc). Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers use hot exhaust from a pulse jet engine (Argus tube principle pulse jet) to create large quantities of fog without burning off the fogging solutions active ingredient. 
Let Nixalite help you decide on the product you need. We offer complete planning and product support services. If at any time you have questions, please Contact Nixalite.

The IGEBA® TF-34 applies oil based formulations with the standard fog tube. With the optional "W" water conversion kit, the TF-34 can apply water based formulations.

The IGEBA® TF-35 is a lightweight pulse jet thermal fogger used indoors and outdoors to create large volumes of fog with very small particle sizes. Now available with a larger 10 Liter solution tank for extended use.

IGEBA TF 65 series pulse jet thermal fogger for both oil and water solutions and indoor and outdoor fogging jobs. Versatile, high performance and high capacity fogger is ideal for both vehicle mounted and fixed applications. 75 liter/hour max application rate (oil based solution)

The IGEBA TF-95 HD is engineered from the beginning to be the most efficient and economical truck or skid mounted pulse-jet thermal fogger. It can fog medium to large areas, indoors and outdoors quickly and economically.

The EVO 35 is an economical choice for a lightweight and versatile pulse jet thermal made by IGEBA the Global Standard for Excellence.

Blackhawk Thermal Fogger
A high volume, portable or truck mounted pulse jet thermal fogger for the efficient dispersal of oil based applicants over large areas.

Golden Eagle Fogger
The standard for portable, high volume fog application. This pulse-jet thermal fogger dispenses oil based applicants effectively and efficiently.

Trailblazer Thermal Fogger
The Trailblazer Pulse Jet Thermal fogger offers big machine features in a compact, easy to handle package. Includes electric start, high output and low emissions. 24 HP / 18KW Pulse jet thermal engine produces up to 30,000 cubic feet of fog per minute.

Can't Decide Which To Use?
Are you Fogging, Spraying or Hazing?

  • Foggers create a fine, thick fog from a oil or water based liquid. They treat large areas with very little product.
  • Sprayers create a wet liquid spray. Use when wetted surfaces are required.
  • Hazers are used ONLY with the Fog Force bird repellent to disperse birds.
Product by space
Product by solution
  • If the solution is oil based (uses an oil or petroleum based carrier) the first choice is the Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers and the Propane Fogger. While ULV cold foggers can apply oil based solutions, they are not as efficient as the thermal foggers.
  • If the solution is water based (mixed with water), the first choice is the ULV cold foggers or Compression tank sprayers.
  • Note - refer to the solution instructions. The application instructions for your solution should tell you the preferred method of application.

Let Nixalite help you decide on the product you need. We offer complete planning and product support services. If at any time you have questions, please Contact Nixalite.