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HyperShield uses sound to both deter and inform


HyperShield Acoustic Riot Control Shield
Provides the operator both acoustic and physical protection. The acoustic deterrent helps increases the standoff distance between operator and targets. It also provides a proven method of communication that other shields cannot and do not provide.

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Designed exclusively for law enforcement and the military, HyperShield is a lightweight 17 pound carbon fiber and polycarbonate protective riot shield that has been augmented with the HyperSpike® sound generation technology. Capable of 140 dB of peak acoustic output, the battery powered HyperShield can use pre-recorded warnings, notifications and announcements and, if needed, the built-in high frequency less-than-lethal alert tone (2 kHz). Using these auditory features in riot or crowd control situations can create standoff areas of 50 meters (54 yards or 162 feet).

HyperShield Details

  • Acoustic deterrent added to HD riot shield creates additional standoff space

  • Penetrating high frequency alert tone built-in

  • Extremely loud 140 dB peak acoustic output

  • Lightweight at 17 lbs (7.7kg)

  • HD construction of carbon fiber and polycarbonate

  • SD memory card for custom message recording

  • Includes HS Audio Optimizer software for custom tones & messages

  • HD rechargeable battery pack and charger

  • Interchangeable handle for left or right handed operators

  • Hand keyed microphone for voice over messages


  • Riot & Crowd Control
  • Military Police
  • Law Enforcement
  • Special Operations
  • SWAT Teams
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Private Security Teams

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HyperShield Specifications:

Acoustic Performance
Max. Continuous Output - 140 dB A-weighted at 1 meter
Acoustic Beam Width -  +/- 10 deg. conical at 2 kHz
Communication Range - 400 meters (437 yards, 1,312 feet)
Frequency Response - 800 Hz - 23 kHz


Dimensions - 48”H x 24”W (122.0 cm x 61.0 cm)
Weight - 17 lbs (8.1 kg) with battery
Clear Shield Material - Clear Polycarbonate - replaceable
Shield Framework - 0.25" (6.35mm) thick Carbon Fiber Matrix


Battery Requirements
Type - NiMH battery pack (1 included)
Battery Life - 4 hours

The HyperShield Package (item # HS 90094A-111)

  • HyperShield Unit

  • CB-style, hand-keyed microphone

  • SD Card with pre-recorded messages

  • HD Audio Optimizer software

  • Shoulder strap

  • 110VAC-240VAC battery charger

  • NiMH battery pack

  • Interchangeable handle (left/right)

  • Corrugated Foam Lined Packaging

HyperSpike Accessories Brochure

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