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Animal Traps


Animal Traps - humane, live capture traps from Nixalite
Animal Traps Designed, Constructed and Employed by Trapping Professionals.

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Years of experience and common sense went into the construction of these heavy-duty, durable and economical wire mesh traps. Nixalite offers a variety of traps for the most common nuisance animal species.  

Why Use Live Capture Animal Traps from Nixalite

  • They are designed, constructed and tested by experienced trapping professionals

  • All enclosure animal traps are humane, live capture traps

  • All wire mesh traps are made from premium steel wire and rod

  • All animal traps are fully assembled and ready to use

  • Versatility - traps can be used anywhere, inside and outside

  • Most traps can be used for the live capture of different animals

  • All are extremely portable. They can be quickly moved from spot to spot

Important Note:
Having the best trapping equipment does not guarantee trapping success.
Live capture animal trapping can be as much art as it is science. Nixalite of America Inc guarantees the workmanship of the single door animal traps. WE DO NOT guarantee that you will catch anything. Effective trapping takes careful planning, a knowledge of the target species, the correct bait, trap location and more. For recommendations on trap usage and operation, contact Nixalite.

Animal Traps

PDF Brochure for Professional Grade Animal Trap

Professional Grade Live Capture Animal Trap

36x11x12 Heavy Duty rear door release live capture animal trap for raccoon sized animals including raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, feral cats, small to medium sized dogs, etc. Heavy 14 gauge GALVAN wire construction. Fully assembled, ready to use.
Item# Description Price Quantity
VCS54136 Professional Grade Animal Trap 36x11x12 $119.95 

PDF Brochure for Standard Animal Trap

Standard Front Release Animal Trap

Economical live capture trap measures 36x11x12. Use for raccoon sized animals including raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, nutria and more. Uses 14 gauge GALVAN wire mesh. Easy to set standard traps are ready to use out of the box.
Item# Description Price Quantity
VCS51700 Standard Front Release Animal Trap 36x11x12 $79.00 

Economical small to medium animal trap

ECONOMICAL wire mesh live capture animal trap for squirrels, rabbits & other medium sized animals. Measures 24" x 7" x 7". Fully assembled trap has single spring loaded door. 19 gauge galvanized steel wire construction. Each trap comes with instructions.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT465  Economical wire mesh live capture trap for small animals $23.10 

Economy Large Animal Trap

ECONOMICAL wire mesh live capture animal trap for groundhogs, woodchucks, opossums, skunks, fox, & other large animals. Measures 41" x 15" x 15". Fully assembled trap has single spring loaded door. 19 gauge galvanized steel wire construction. Each trap comes with instructions.
Item# Description Price Quantity
JT495 Economical wire mesh live capture trap for large animals $102.19 

PDF Brochure for NHSQT Squirrel Trap

Squirrel Trap Heavy Duty

Durable, tough single door live capture trap for squirrels, rabbits, muskrats, cats, mink and more. 3/16" diameter solid steel rod framework with 16 ga. 1x1 mesh walls. Completely assembled, ready to use.
Item# Description Price Quantity
NHSQT HD Squirrel Trap, single door, fully assembled, ready to use $47.00 

PDF Brochure for Burrowing Animal Trap

Universal Burrowing Animal Trap

Use for the live capture of burrowing animals such as woodchucks, possum, skunks or as a standard box trap for raccoons, cats, small dogs, etc. Sliding doors at both ends allow you to set the trap as needed. 36x11x12 trap is fully assembled and ready to use.
Item# Description Price Quantity
VCS53000 Universal Burrowing Animal Trap 36x11x12 $129.00 

PDF Brochure for SWSKT Spray Proof Skunk Trap

Spray Proof Skunk Trap

Stops skunks from raising their tails to spray. Keeps you safer while approaching and transporting the trap. Made of durable PVC with heavy duty steel linkage and hardware. Works well for other animals including squirrels, feral cats, rabbits, opossum and other similar sized nuisance animals.
Item# Description Price Quantity
SWSKT/SP Spray proof skunk trap PVC and heavy duty steel trap $96.95 

PDF Brochure for SW2424 Repeating Squirrel Trap

Repeating Squirrel Trap

Repeating Squirrel Trap is ideal for low clearance areas such as attics and crawl spaces. Catch multiple squirrels without resetting the trap. Made from 14 and 16 gage galvanized welded wire. Trap measures 24"Lx24"Wx4"H
Item# Description Price Quantity
SW2424 Repeating Squirrel Trap 24"Lx24"Wx4"H  $47.50 

PDF Brochure for Squirrel Controller One-Way Door

Squirrel Controller One-Way Door

The Squirrel Controller is a one-way door mounted over the exterior hole or gap used by squirrels to gain entrance. HD sprung gate allows squirrels out but not back in. Designed for gray, red and flying squirrel species. Fully assembled, ready to use.
Item# Description Price Quantity
VCS53120 Squirrel Controller One-Way Door $42.00 

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Raticator Plus

Raticator is the Power Tool for Rodent Control. It quickly and humanely kills mice and rats. Has on/off switch, indicator light that tells you when it has done it's job. Batteries not included. No poisons, sticky pastes or nasty snap traps.
Item# Description Price Quantity
RatZap Raticator Plus Electronic Trap for Mice & Rats - Reg. $49.95 $44.98 
RatZap Cs. Case of 6 - Raticator Plus Electric traps $252.00 

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Raticator Max

Raticator Max uses 4-D cell batteries and advanced electronics to get up to 40 rodent kills on one set of batteries. Batteries not included. Larger capacity with indicator lights for easy monitoring. Ideal for heavy rodent infestations
Item# Description Price Quantity
ratzapu Raticator Max $44.98 
ratzapu cs Case of 6 - Raticator Max Traps $269.88 

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Cahaba Snake Traps

Weather resistant, durable and reusable snake traps provide quick safe and humane control for snakes, rodents, insects and more.
Item# Description Price Quantity
CPCLST Cahaba LARGE Snake Trap with 2 Catch Inserts $69.95 
CPCLSTI Cahaba Trap 3 pack LARGE - INSERTS ONLY $21.96 
CPCSST Cahaba SMALL Snake Trap with 3 Catch Inserts $29.95 
CPCSSTI Cahaba Trap 4 pack SMALL - INSERTS ONLY $4.96 

Cleaners for your Wire Mesh Traps
Here are a few products you can use to clean and sanitize your animal traps. For more choices, go to Cleaning Products section

Poop Off Stain Remover

Poop Off Stain & Odor Remover
Item# Description Price Quantity
POSO32 Stain/Odor Remover 32oz $11.98 
POSO32 Cs Case 12-32oz Stain/Odor $129.00 
POSO128 Stain/Odor Remover 128oz $39.95 
POSO128 Cs Case 4-128oz Stain/Odor $144.00 

Microcide SQ Disinfectant

A broad spectrum, hospital grade cleaner, disinfectant and bactericide used to disinfect hard surfaces, fabrics and clothing.
Item# Description Price Quantity
Microcide Microcide SQ Concentrate w/quart Spray Bottle $29.98 
Microcide Cs Case 12 - Microcide SQ w/ quart spray bottle $323.88 
Microcide G Microcide SQ concentrate gallon jug $99.95 

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